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Artist Bio

A Visual Journey

          Bright, exciting and down right fun...Lynn Wilkerson's work will put a smile on your face.  Browsing through his work will take you down memory lane. Texas, Historical landmarks, nature, antiquated signage, and Americana Music are just some of Lynn’s many inspirations. Having been a professional artist, sign painter, and owner of Great Big Signs, Inc., Lynn has been involved with art his entire adult life. Historic Honky Tonks, Texas Wildlife and National Monuments are just the beginning. Originally born in West Texas, Lynn has spent most of his life in Central Texas, and is particularly inspired by Texas Culture. 

A proud Father and Grandfather, Lynn has won numerous accolades for his work with Great Big Signs over the years. Many know him and his character, which often shines through in his work like a "diamond in a goat's hiney". Few however have gotten the chance to browse his complete watercolor collection of over 30 years worth of imagery.

Lynn Wilkerson
Freebirds Sculpture of Libby and Willie on a Motorcycle
All Around Hays
Morning Work
Grandpa Lynn
Bucky is Ready to go
Texas Pie Company in the Big City!
Lynn at Texas Hatters in Lockhart!
Solar Eclipse 2017!
Self Explanatory
Grandpa Lynn on the Phone
New Mexico Road Trippin!
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