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Where Everybody's Somebody

Where Everybody's Somebody

I only met Hondo once and all I remember was I laughing until my sides hurt.  Kinky Friedman and Willie Nelson have also produced those same results.
“If you’re drinking to forget, please pay in advance.” - sign posted behind the bar!
Hondo became the “Clown Prince” of Luckenbach, authoring poems celebrating Luckenbach big full moon, holding court at various “official” festivities and generally giving grown-ups permission to get in touch with the child within. Hondo’s business cards read “Imagineer,” and people began to fall under the magical spell of Luckenbach. Hondo Crouch, “Imagineer“, a "mirthquake," a "legend in his own mind," put the backwoods Camelot on the Texas map simply by being himself. White hair and beard, battered cowboy hat, faded jeans stuffed into his boots and red bandana loosely circling his neck, Hondo philosophized, whittled, told stories, and sang Mexican and cowboy songs. He'd accompany himself on his old guitar, always somewhere within reach. With that and not much more than an elfin smile and a mischievous twinkle in his eye, his magical personality attracted thousands to Luckenbach.

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